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Hi SQU: There is always light at the end of any tunnel
August 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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During exams, most students go into a long, narrow tunnel leaving the whole world behind them. There, they breathe darkness, feed on their dreams and drink from the small bottles of patience they carry. There, sleep escapes their eyes; afraid to face reality. And there, everyone feels that they  are alone in that world despite the fact that the tunnel is crowded with hundreds of other students.  

Day after day, the darkness of the tunnel becomes stifling, the echo of the students' dreams becomes weaker and weaker and the patience in their bottles becomes less and less. What could they breathe? What could they eat? And what could they drink? These questions chase their thoughts for a period of time and then the idea that they are not going to survive in the world of darkness haunts their minds after walking the long way down. 

Along the way, their minds slowly drain out and they begin to fall down one after another. After flying highly in the skies of ambitions, they take down their wings unable to move on, to reach the end of the tunnel. They think that their journey's victuals could not help them to complete their way and that it is still too long to reach the end of it.  Few are those who think about going on, and those few are, of course, the glittering stars in the sky of success.

Those who drop down are supposed to keep going on despite all the difficulties they face.  They should insist on the idea of surviving, and to do so, they should grow the flower of hope and take care of it; to light up their darkness and give them the air to breathe.  They should keep calling their dreams louder and louder, so they could feed on their desire to succeed. They should pray to Allah to shower them with the rain of patience and refill their bottles to keep them stronger along the journey. They should think about how much they have achieved not how much they still have to achieve to feel that they have done something and to forget that the way is still long.

The journey may be long and gloomy, but all students must know that there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

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