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Tips from the doyen of Paris perfumers Roja Dove
August 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Perfume is expensive so how can you be sure you find the right one for you? Here are a few tips to make sure you get the sweet smell of success from the doyen of Paris perfumers Roja Dove. Perfumes take a long time to reveal their true beauty so smell them first on strips of paper then wear two — one on each wrist. It can be up to an hour before a scent unlocks its full potential. The sexiest fragrances are bass-note heavy, featuring lots of vanilla, musk, incense and woods such as sandalwood.

You'll find many of these scents in the Oriental category. To get the most from a fragrance don't put it behind your ears. The spot above the collarbone is better. And remember scent rises, so dab some behind knees and ankles. Talking of perfume, the 1970s-style cosmetics revival shows no sign of flagging, and if you're after the authentic scent of three decades ago, Aveda Singular Notes Patchouli Oil will take you right back to Jimi Hendrix and the Mamas and the Papas. It's not quite as sweet as the 70s version - sandalwood and bergamot give it a slightly woody aroma. But it sure takes you back...

• Dig a trench... if the latest shows are to be believed, trench-coats will be the outerwear choice next season. The high street is pouring them out by the ton, but the one the celebs are going for is the handmade Aquascutum Queensway. It's really something special — and at around $1,000 so it should be!

• Zip-back dresses are the craze of the moment. They're Mrs Beckham's trade-mark signature — they're on most of the dresses she's designed for her currently red-hot fashion label. In fact, Posh's rose-gold zip, tracing down the backbone, is a clever slimming device, encouraging the eye of the beholder in a vertical sweep downwards. No wonder VB Fontaine zip-ups can be seen on all manner of celebs from J-Lo to Cheryl Cole. The high street near you will be full of them, too.

• Fake casual is catching on fast as an unexpected trend. It's the off-duty mom look complete with flat boots, trucker cap and blue denims. Make sure they're slim-cut jeans. Team with a knit or a tee and if you want to look slightly smarter, pull on a tailored jacket. Ironically, looking fake casual can take longer than looking really smart...
• There's a new shoe-biz star in town, who must be making monsieurs Louboutin, Choo and Blahnik look over their shoulders. Nicholas Kirkwood's footwear creations have been spotted on Leighton Meester, Kirsten Dunst and Sienna Miller in the last few weeks.   

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