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Restaurant shut in interior Oman as 40 people report food poisoning
August 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: The Ibri Municipality ordered closure of a restaurant in Shahoom village of the wilayat of Ibri after 40 people complained of food poisoning.

The 40 people fell sick after reportedly consuming contaminated food from the restaurant in the village last week.

Many of them were reportedly admitted to Ibri Hospital and Shahoom health centre for treatment. Sources at Ibri Hospital told Times of Oman that the victims were discharged from the hospital after three days of treatment.

Laboratory reports
"The laboratory reports are awaited and will be forwarded to the concerned authorities for legal action if necessary," hospital sources said.

Ibri Municipality officials, who conducted a surprise check on the restaurant, said it was found flouting the health regulations. "Most food products were found unfit for consumption and were stored under poor conditions," an official said.

Ahmed Al Shahomi, who recovered from the recent food poisoning, told Times of Oman that his family had ordered chicken with hummus from this restaurant.

It may be noted that two restaurants were shut down in Ibri in 2014 after officials confiscated tonnes of expired meat used in preparing meals in the restaurants. Despite the crackdown, several restaurants continue to flout rules.

An official at the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) told Times of Oman that the New Consumer Act would help check such acts since those who flout the rules will have to pay heftier penalties in cases of violation.

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