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Maisarah adjudged Best Islamic Community Support Bank 2014
August 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: In a bid to become the best Islamic window in the region, Maisarah Islamic Banking Services, BankDhofar's Islamic Banking window, has dedicated efforts towards sustainable programmes and exercised their social responsibility in numerous ways.

These initiatives and collective efforts have earned Maisarah the 'Best Islamic Community Support Bank 2014' by Global Financial Market Review (GFM), a dedicated online news portal that focuses on financial markets, putting Maisarah at the forefront of such initiatives, says a press release.

Maisarah fully supports and encourages the active role of institutions in society and their surrounding communities and holds true the belief that the companies in Oman need to own their responsibilities towards the society in which they operate.

Commenting on Maisarah's achievement, Sohail Niazi, Chief Islamic Banking Officer said, "CSR is an integral part of the strategy and annual planning for Maisarah. We have strived to be unique with our community-based programmes with long term sustainable development in mind, in addition to products and services. This award is a new achievement to the financial sector in Oman and to Maisarah Islamic Banking specifically as a result of Maisarah's efforts with regard to CSR.

"Social responsibility and voluntary work are among the one of the most important priorities of Maisarah's CSR strategy and is becoming an integral part of our corporate culture."

Faisal Al Tamimi, head of Corporate Banking at Maisarah added, "This award will have major impact on increasing the momentum of such efforts which we are hoping to further strengthen and enhance our involvement in the community at large. We hope for this recognition to bring to the forefront the importance of volunteering and social work among the pioneers of the financial business sector which we are proud of."

Maisarah's CSR team has a very strict evaluation process and the projects are considered on the basis of the contribution it makes to the society at large. Maisarah's marketing and promotional campaigns also emphasis in ensuring that the CSR component is predominantly embedded in such activities. In its first year of operation, Maisarah has distributed prayer mats to its customers and well-wishers, jointly with the wali offices, distributed umbrellas to more than 3,000 Hajis from Oman and supported Islamic banking awareness programmes.

Maisarah thus maintains a well balanced approach to business and ensure giving back to the community which was rightly recognised by the award received.

Maisarah went through a strict review by the dedicated review team and through the judging panel before winning Best Islamic Community Support Bank 2014.

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