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Utmost care taken on quality of water supplied to people in Oman: PAEW
August 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Ten labs have been established to analyse samples of potable water on a daily basis. – Supplied picture

Muscat: Due care is accorded to the quality of water supplied to citizens and residents in Omanby the Public Authority for Electrify and Water (PAEW) as far as meeting all terms and conditions related to health and safety standards are concerned.

The PAEW has a separate department to control and supervise the quality of water, including physical, chemical and biological norms and testing all resources of water at water desalination plants, main reservoirs, government wells, water filling stations or samples collected from the distribution networks.

The aim is to ensure compliance with all approved local and international specifications.

The department is assigned to carry out all lab tests to ensure the quality of water and safety standards so that it is free from any bacteria or viruses.

With this objective, 10 labs were established to analyse samples of potable water on a daily basis.

Besides, there is also a mobile lab used in emergency cases to test water samples near their resources so that immediate action can be taken by officials in case of any occurrence of pollution or contamination.

The central laboratory in the Governorate of Muscat carries out the chemical and bacteriological tests on a daily basis in addition to testing samples received from various governorates.

In case any bacteriological contamination of water is suspected or reported, the Water Quality Department takes water samples for chemical and bacteriological tests from the distribution lines before the water reaches the consumers.

The department also informs the landlords and owners of the affected property or houses about possible water contamination.

The main lab analysis and examinations involve physical tests, and organic and non-organic examinations. The PAEW is also equipped with advance equipment for analysis and examination of potable water.

The PAEW has a control system for periodical collection of water samples from the water sources and for examining the same. The PAEW has also linked the control systems in all governorates with the Internet through a modern system of lab information. The chlorine component in the drinking water has a great significance and indicates healthy water free from any bacteria.

The Water Quality Department keeps in its database the data and results obtained from the Lab Information Management System (LIMS). The PAEW has also introduced the PERF system for following up on the LIMS data.

The PAEW has also installed Quality Control Machines at all water tanks in the Muscat Governorate to follow with the various elements through the SCADA system at the control centre.

It is worth mentioning that the PAEW is working to make available drinking water to 98 per cent of the Sultanate's consumers by 2040.

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