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Sohar University’s project to renovate hostels under way
August 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Sohar: In its efforts to provide better facilities to its students, Sohar University has begun a renovation project to improve living conditions in student hostels. This project is expected to be completed by September 15.

Improving living conditions in the hostels is intended to create an academic and social environment that would have a positive impact upon the students' academic studies. The project will also develop new services for SU students. Each building consists of four blocks, with a capacity to house 240 to 250 students.

The hostel project will include replacing furniture and electronic devices, as well as redecorating dorm kitchens and other rooms.

TV rooms
The newly renovated hostels will have four TV rooms, along with single, twin and triple bedrooms. There will also be laundry rooms that provide students with 25 to 30 washing machines, as well as 10 large drying machines and Internet services for students.

New hostels

Further, the new hostels will include supervisors' rooms, cleaning workers' rooms and a special office for maintenance services.

Besides sponsoring shopping trips for students every Friday, school officials plan to schedule cultural and social activities in the hostels. It is expected that some 2500 students will live in the hostels.

Zalikha Al Shizawi, Sohar University's hostels supervisor, said that this project will allow students to live in surroundings that are more similar to their homes any comfortable.

She also said that plans for the hostel project had undergone much consideration to assure they would improve the living conditions for students.

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