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Arab caravan set to boost Dhofar’s tourism
August 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Cairo: The Omani Centre for Tourism Media, in cooperation with Dhofar Municipality and the Arab Centre for Tourism Media, is all set to see off the second caravan destined for Dhofar Governorate this month-end.

The caravan's aim is to brief Arab journalists regarding the tourism potential of Dhofar Governorate.

Dhofar was selected as the best destination for 2013.

The visit will also benefit from Arab academic experiences in leveraging the tourism potentials and promoting inter-Arab tourism. A number of Arab journalists representing specialised tourism media will take part in the caravan.

Hussain Al Mana'ee, head of the Arab Tourism Centre, said the caravan headed for Dhofar Governorate would be the eighth in the series of similar caravans that went to Qatar, the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Sudan.

The caravans, organised by the centre since 2011, aim to promote the Arab tourism destinations and raise Arabs' awareness about their cultural, historic and tourism heritage. They also aim at advising Arab journalists about the Arab tourism potential.

"Journalists usually publish reports in different media outlets about investment opportunities in the countries they visit. Booklets are also developed about tourist attractions in these countries. These books will be then distributed among tourism companies, hotels and some air carriers," he added.

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