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Dar Al Atta’a drive to raise funds for Gaza
August 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
May Al Bayat, spokesperson for Dar Al Atta’a

Muscat: Dar Al Atta'a is inviting the community to pledge its support for Palestinians by donating to their 'We Are All Gaza' campaign.

Launched on July 22, the campaign aims to raise as much money as possible to help the people of Gaza following the war with Israel. May Al Bayat, spokesperson for Dar Al Atta'a, said many people have been asking about how they can donate to Gaza, which inspired them to initiate the new charity drive.

"It is the least we can do as humans and as a leading charity that represents Oman. The amount of calls and visits from people wanting to donate for Gaza made us literally chase the Ministry of Social Development for approval to go ahead with the campaign," said May Al Bayat, spokesperson for Dar Al Atta'a.

To make donations as easy as possible, Dar Al Atta'a has created a number of ways people can contribute. They can donate using their Omantel or Nawras mobiles to SMS a transfer; they can directly transfer their donations to a Dar Al Atta'a Bank Muscat account number; or they can make a contribution through www.donate.om using the 'We Are All Gaza' cause. Donors can also visit the office and give cash or a cheque in person.

"We have offered all means of donation in the easiest ways possible for the donors and we look forward to witnessing a successful campaign," said Al Bayat.

Following the campaign, all the money raised will be handed over to the Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO), which will then ensure it is wisely spent in Gaza. So far, more than OMR800 has been collected.

"We will meet with those concerned in the OCO and decide what the people in Gaza need or what they are most short of," Al Bayat added.

Dar Al Atta'a had a similar campaign last year in which they raised funds for Syrian refugees in the Zaatari Camp in Jordan. Thanks to the generosity of the people in Oman, they were able to raise over OMR60,000.

"People in Oman are known for their generosity and kind heart, so let's see how this magic will work now to help wipe the tears of the people in Gaza. Even if we are dreaming, the sky is our limit but we hope we can raise at least OMR60,000 to 70,000 as we had raised for Syria, if not much, much more," Al Bayat said.

How to donate
Omantel: People can donate more than once 100bz, 300bz, 500bz, 700bz or OMR1.
 Ex: send (700bz) to 90006

Nawras: People can send more than once from BZ 200 to BZ 2000 followed by the word DAA to 91997 until August 30
Ex: 200 DAA to 91997

Bank Muscat: deposit or transfer funds to account number 0315003966850059 specifying it is for the 'We Are All Gaza' campaign

Donate online at www.donate.om

Visit Dar Al Atta'a office on Al Bashaer Road, Villa 119, MSQ (opposite the Embassy of Pakistan) between 8am and 3pm.

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