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Oman tourism: Clean, green Dhofar charms tourists
August 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photos courtesy our reader Elayaraj

Muscat: In its efforts to ensure a smooth and successful Khareef season, Dhofar municipality is leaving no stone unturned to guarantee tourists a memorable visit to the governorate.

Khareef season, which is the rainy season falling normally between  June 21 and September 21, receives a stream of visitors from Oman and the GCC region.

Tourists flock to Salalah to escape the hot weather prevalent in most parts of the GCC. This year, until August 6, around 203,171 tourists visited the region.

To meet the demands of the season, Dhofar municipality along with its related departments has been making sure that all services are up and running.

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The public hygiene service has been beefed up for the Khareef season. Workers are on duty in key tourism locations, including water springs, plains, mountains, beaches and residential area during morning and evening hours.

Among the most important efforts undertaken by personnel looking after hygiene services is the collection of 16,464 tonnes of litter in Salalah. Metal scrap from broken down vehicles has also been collected from residential and industrial areas.

"Dhofar municipality has undoubtedly put in efforts to clean important locations which showcase Dhofar's true beauty," said a visitor.

The department of health affairs continues to monitor various commercial activities and local markets to ensure that quality products are available for the customers. The municipality checks for products to comply with the health criteria for the safety of consumers.

The municipality's department of health affairs formed a team to work in the morning and evening shifts to monitor the process of preparing meals and the arrangements for storing food as well as collecting samples to be tested at the municipality's lab to determine quality and freshness. 

The pest control department is on the job in residential areas, farms, various tourism locations and water springs. Utilising the latest technology, the health department has kept in check insects that are often seen due to moist conditions in spring season.

Considering the amount of rainfall that the governorate receives during the monsoon season, the Dhofar municipality, in accordance with sanitation services at the Directorate-General of Technical Affairs, formed a team to drain rain water that gathers on main highways and in parts of Dhofar causing traffic congestion.

The division continues to monitor pipes in Salalah for leakage and repairs these when necessary.

The Dhofar Municipality has repaired all public facilities like public rest rooms, parks, children's games before the start of the Khareef season. Signage indicating direction and displaying warning and information are in place to ensure safety and comfort of visitors. The municipality is providing 24-hour slaughter house services during the entire period of the Khareef season to locals, residents and tourists, especially since the season sees high level of meat consumption in hotels and restaurants. Besides, a higher number of weddings are witnessed during this period.

The Dhofar mountain range boasts some of the famous water springs and wild trees, turning it into an oasis for visitors.

The municipality is providing plastic bags to tourists and visitors to avoid litter. It also expects people to contribute and cooperate in minimising waste at tourist sites and around water springs, and regularly monitors the level of cleanliness at these locations.

It also monitors the public facilities at tourist sites and carries out maintenance all through the season. Future plans include updating the facilities in major tourism locations and at water springs besides adding to the entertainment facilities for the tourists.

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