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The meaning of love
August 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Many lovers abandon love; they blame it for strife with the beloved. They claim love is simply trouble, and they ruin all love's noblest meanings, claiming without love they'd have been far happier. While, had they truly loved, they'd have dwelt in heaven! Sadly, readings of love's true soul are thus smeared and smudged by the callow, the jealous, and the controlling.

How happy our lives could be if we loved without condition! Our unity with creatures and nature's abiding harmony are filled with reflective love that is  warmly and deeply recognised. In fact, its absence breeds war, oppression, and corruption. We've also defiled the concept of love, saying jealousy and selfishness spring from it.

Some confuse it with carnal and material needs – the human record has long shown this. But, the capacity for love and mercy is boundless, able to check violence and hate in the world. Sensing this, even the chronically sick will be healed. Thus, visit the house of mercy and true love for they expand to embrace all others.

We can't measure love with mind or logic; it's rather felt, it fills our every cell and flows out with our every breath. So revisit your true nature and self today. Take time alone, dig deep for love's true meaning. It's been hiding below, waiting to float up and be shared. Don't resist! Free yourself from fear, the mightiest wall around love's face. For love with fear can never co-exist. When fear arrives, love departs; when love appears, fear will vanish. Love increases our beauty, humanity and devotion, and God grants us paradise through His grace and love.

But always keep this in mind:  you can't love yourself and then tear yourself down!  Illusionary relationships ignore the self; building your life on one person in love's name distracts the self. You want to call it love, but it might mean everything but not love for love is freedom, not ownership; love is mutual but unconditional. And to sustain it, we must pull away from the beloved, give space to recollect and feel – not to blame and judge. Believe in love' power and vest it with purity and mercy.

Allah created us to love and live for love. Praise be to Him who gave us love so we might live.  Life, otherwise, would be worthless.

Declare it today. Tell those you know and respect that you do in truth love them - before it is too late!

 Issam Al Belushi (The writer is a motivational speaker, videographer, instructor at Safety Technical Services)  Translated by Rahma Al Aamri

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