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Teachers as role models
August 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Students always look up to their teachers, parents, siblings, peers, leaders from different walks of life as their mentor or role model. The biggest impact however can be provided by either the parents or the teachers or both while a student is undergoing his or her career building journey. It is therefore crucial for teachers to understand this aspect in order to make themselves the role models.

Instead of simply preaching, the need of the hour calls for walk-the-talk in every aspect, right from behavioural aspect to that of the professional sojourn. The following few are absolute must for teachers to follow to be the role models for their students.

Teachers should have a well-rounded personality so as to understand their students' requirements from a holistic perspective. A myopic approach towards career-oriented requirement results in the teacher being remembered only till the career graph takes off and therefore fades off from the students' mind.

Practise than preach

An ideal teacher who can make that lasting impact in their pupil's mind are those who emphasizes more on practising rather than preaching. Punctuality for instance can be imbibed by showcasing it while reporting for the lecture, on-time, every time, rather than only punishing the late comers.

Mentor, guide, philosopher, counsellor, advisor

An ideal teacher willing to don the role of a role model need to fill up the diverse role for their students. A one size fits all approach for different situations and for diverse set of students may not have that lasting impact on the student and therefore cannot be looked upon as a role model.

Ethical and value -based approach
Teachers willing to be role model necessarily need to understand the importance of ethics and value based approach in all their endeavours. Students are always in the lookout for those aspects which are respected universally, rather than accepting some shortcuts, which might momentarily look great to the student and surprisingly to the teacher himself or herself.

More than classroom- based teaching
A role model cannot limit himself or herself only till the classroom based teaching, rather the emphasis should be on providing lifelong learning to the student which is provided only when a teacher expands his/her presence even outside the classroom.

Dr Manishankar Chakraborty & Dr.Issa Saleh Hamood Al-Amri Ibra College of Technology,Sultanate of Oman

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