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Punching Bag: Should feeding of birds/fish at Muttrah corniche be banned?
August 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Feeding of birds or fish is something which people do in every country at beaches, parks, public places, markets etc. How can it be a destructive act or contribute to anything destructive?

Yes, stale food in the sea might contribute to the growth of algae or bacteria but that will only be a small percentage in comparison with huge volumes of sewage, industrial waste, hazardous chemicals, etc which are dumped in the sea in many countries. i don't think it is right to ban people from feeding birds or fish.
P. R. Prajapati, 
Wadi Kabir                        

I fully agree that people who do such activity at corniche must be fined. Forget about feeding fish or birds, they are dirtying the water with all sorts of waste. One can understand if people throw bread or popcorn in the waves, but the bulk of waste is in the form of plastic carrybags, cola cans, pet bottles etc. the fish do not eat this.  We need to have marshalls at this place to  stop people when they indulge in such acts.
Sweety D. John
Al Khuwair

Mere boards do not serve any purpose, if peopl e are to be banned from throwing waste in the sea, there should be civic officers present at busy hours to prevent people  and to hand out fines.
Vijay Rawal

I am sure that people who feed birds are kind people and we should not fine them, instead we need to create awareness to change attitudes. All over the world, environmental issues are tackled in an educative way by having seminars, street plays and announcements on radio/television. There is no need to impose any ban.
Naresh Shah
Al Ghubra

If it is true that feeding fishes and birds around the Muttrah chorniche is causing eutrophication then for sure feeding of birds and fishes at Muttrah chorniche should certainly be banned. In my humble opinion the reason for eutrophication is caused by dumping of leftovers from nearby restaurants, the wastes of fish market  and butcheries in huge qantities and not because of individual casual feeders. There are hardly few who purposely visit corniche for feeding  but the dumpers are regular on a daily basis. I myself have seen an individual throwing a huge quantity of leftover bread in the sea.
Mohammad Osama Rawat

People feeding fish should not be banned, it is not a criminal activity at all. Instead those who dump garbage or waste in public places, including Muttrah corniche, must be fined for doing so as that harms the environment.
Al Qurum

The birds are not causing any damage to the enviroment and it is great to watch their activities. If we ban people from feeding them, they might migrate from this place. I strongly request that the feeding of birds or fishes should not be banned.
Thamarai Suba Laxmi

Despite being a nature lover myself, I strongly oppose people feeding the birds which are not used to eating food like peanuts, etc.  Some people do it to advertise themselves  as nature lovers. They are the eco demons.
Shibhangi  Ghose
Student, ISWK

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