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GCC meet agrees to share expertise for tackling Ebola
August 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Coming together to create a joint policy to combat the deadly Ebola virus, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ministries of health have agreed to share medications and vaccines among member states, as well as jointly purchase medical supplies through a centralised agency.

At an emergency meeting on Wednesday, the executive bureau of the GCC ministers of health issued a number of recommendations to take preventive measures to combat the ebola virus.

Among the recommendations, were creating an early warning and detection system, as well as sharing information, especially about diagnosis of the disease.

 Further, Kuwait News Agency reported that the "recommendations included developing a Gulf plan to combat, check and treat cases of ebola virus, as well as activate early warning systems to discover infectious diseases."

 It was decided to train Gulf-area medical staff on diagnosing, monitoring and treating the Ebola virus.

"They also focused on training to combat infections in health institutions and working on activating the role of the private sector to face the Ebola virus, in addition to boosting cooperation and exchanging data between GCC states and specialised international institutions," the news agency reported.

The recommendations also called for preparing regular analysis of results, measuring the efficiency of national efforts and developing national strategies to combat the ebola virus.
They further sought to provide the executive bureau with up-to-date statistics on those infected with the virus, the numbers of reported fatalities, as well as data on precautionary measures.

Additionally, the proposals included directing communication officials to exchange data and prepare technical evidence for laboratories. Also, teams are to be made ready to quickly move to combat first outbreaks of the virus.  The member states also called on the executive bureau to implement all precautions taken by Saudi health authorities to ensure that the Haj season would not be disrupted by an outbreak of the ebola virus.

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