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Omani vocalist Rasbi’s maiden album gets corporate support
August 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: The Zubair Corporation is backing the talented Omani vocalist Ahmed Al Rasbi who will be releasing his first album, which includes 10 different songs focusing on themes of national pride, loyalty, and the need to respect parents and elders.

This support is central to the corporation's quest to nurture and empower Omani youth and encourage their talent.

The corporation's support is aimed at achieving the institution's strategy to urge the Omani youth to hone their talents and abilities, allow them to direct their energies and contribute positively in nation building.

The Zubair Corporation elected to support Ahmed Al Rasbi's album release after many employees had heard Ahmed's songs, with the work of this talented young citizen quickly being brought to the attention of senior leadership within the corporation. The soon to be released album will feature 10 tracks composed and performed by Ahmed himself and will be available at retail stores shortly.

Commenting on the support provided by The Zubair Corporation, Said Al Sahib, Assistant Director General of the department of business development noted, "The corporation has joined hands with a number of talented Omanis and guided them along the right course of action so that they can achieve and ambitions and realise their dreams. We also support the youth in various areas of creativity and innovation.

"Over the years, the corporation has supported a huge number of citizens in the field of art, singing and academic research in the past and will continue to do so by supporting these outstanding Omanis for the betterment of the entire community."

"The Zubair Corporation's strategy is based on empowering young Omanis to help them to develop their talents and follow their dreams. In doing so, the corporation seeks to demonstrate that we are responsible in paving a path for the youth of Oman. After all, the youth of Oman is the future of our nation. Encouraging them to be responsible citizens effectively builds a better tomorrow," he added.

Reputed platform
Ahmed Al Rasbi, the talented Omani singer said, "I have struggled a great deal to receive backing for my talent in the past as producing music requires a lot of funding. I have always had the ambition to be supported by a reputed platform, but as a beginner, it was a long journey. By the grace of God, The Zubair Corporation embraced my talent and decided to support me. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation towards the institution. God willing, the youth of Oman will be empowered through my voice and be inspired to find their own ambitions."

He also added: "We believe that the role of the private sector is essential for us and I hope that many companies like The Zubair Corporation will also adopt and support young Omani talent."

The Zubair Corporation has supported a large number of citizens in the field of art, design and literature. The corporation had supported student groups to achieve their goals in the past and has also helped publish Omani writers, who through their work continue to inspire the youth.

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