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Brawl at bull-fighting event in Musannah; many injured
August 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photo - Sanak Roy Choudhuri, Times of Oman

Muscat: Dozens of nationals sustained moderate to severe injuries in a brawl that broke out during a bull-fighting competition in the wilayat of Musannah last Friday.

The fight started following a heated argument that broke out between groups while they were watching the bull-fight contest.

An eyewitness said, "They started trading insults which eventually led to the clash."

The two groups used sticks, chairs and blunt tools to attack each other. "This led to many people suffering moderate to severe injuries," the witness said.

All the injured were admitted to the Musannah Hospital.

"The hospital didn't have the capacity to treat all the injured due to severe shortage of doctors," said a witness, while adding that some of the patients had to be transferred to nearby hospitals since they needed immediate treatment for the severe injuries.

Brawl in hospital
The fighting between the two groups continued even inside the hospital with knives and sticks being used. This led to even more injuries, sources at the Musannah Hospital said.

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) immediately rushed to the spot, intervening to quell the fighting.

Legal action was initiated against those involved in the brawl and the case has been referred to the Public Prosecution.

All the injured were discharged from the hospital and their condition is stable, according to the hospital.

Most of the Batinah wilayats like Barka, Musannah, Suwaiq and Sohar are famous for the bull-fighting competitions that are organised on a weekly and monthly basis.

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