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Sohar University’s academic pitches for renewable energy
August 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dr Hussein A. Kazem gave a keynote presentation titled ‘Photovoltaic Systems in Oman: Status and Future Prospects’. – Supplied photo

Muscat: Dr Hussein A. Kazem from Faculty of Engineering-Sohar University has participated in the 'World Renewable Energy Congress 2014' (WREC) which was held in London, UK recently.

Around 1,000 participants from 170 countries attended this congress. The WREC discussed in different themes the important of renewable energy for humankind. Renewable energy is growing fast – providing jobs for 6 million people globally and triggering annual investment of $250 billion world-wide. Renewable energy can drastically reduce dependence on energy imports and provide rapidly increasing contributions to urgently needed electricity demand globally.

"It is the cornerstones and the foundation of a truly sustainable energy future. WREC2014 mission is to promote enabling policies and to further develop a broad range of renewable energy technologies and applications in all sectors – for heating and cooling, agricultural applications, water desalination, industrial applications and for the transport sectors leading to a better, cleaner and safer world. Dr Hussein A. Kazem gave a keynote presentation titled 'Photovoltaic Systems in Oman: Status and Future Prospects'. He gave anther speech titled 'Linear and Nonlinear Modeling for Solar Energy Prediction on the Zone, Region and Global'. Dr Hussein also chaired one of the congress sessions.

His speech focused on the issues the world is facing with the depleting resources such as the fossil fuels and then usage of renewable energy sources which can be beneficial and more environment friendly as well and in particularly photovoltaic systems in Oman.

He talked about his project and investigations on photovoltaic, which is funded by The Research Council of Oman. Also, he mentioned to the challenges and barriers of accelerating usage of photovoltaic in Oman and GCC countries.

The congress was sponsored by 'World Renewable Energy Council -UK, Isesco, Unesco, Elsevier, Springer, European Photovoltaic Industry Association, Renewable Energy Association, AFORE-Korea, MAX Fordham, Iraq Energy Institute, Swift-Hook Associates and National Renewable Energy Laboratory-USA.

WREC has been an intellectual hub for academic discussions in the renewable energy areas. Participants found an excellent opportunity for presenting new research, exchange information and discussing current issues. The World Renewable Energy Congress enables policy makers, researchers, manufacturers, economists, financiers, sociologists, environmentalists and others to present their views in Plenary and Technical Sessions and to participate in discussions.

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