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Seminar on nanotech held at Indian School Al Ghubra
August 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dr Nisha Rani Agarwal, Photo supplied

Muscat: Indian School, Al Ghubra recently organised a workshop on nanotechnology, which has widespread applications in science. The seminar was sponsored by the school's Department of Physics.

Students from Grades 9 to 11 formed the audience and their interest was sparked when they were taught about nanotechnology's uses in diverse fields.             

Dr Nisha Rani Agarwal, a PhD in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology and a visiting post-doctoral researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, conducted the workshop.   Dr Nisha is the daughter of Rita Agarwal, Senior Teacher at  Indian School, Ghubra. The students displayed their enthusiasm, since this was a foray into a lesser known area.

Nanotechnology enables faster and novel applications in all walks of life, ranging from the complex to the simple.

Dr. Nisha explained to the students that this was a progressive field, slowly gaining momentum and universal popularity.  She highlighted the fact that nanomedicine, nanorobotics, humanoids and nanofood are the newest areas to use this breakthrough application. Her in-depth knowledge of the subject won the appreciation of the student audience, some of whom expressed their enthusiasm to pursue the study of nanotechnology as a career option.

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