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Farmers given equipment help in Oman
August 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is helping Omani farmers in purchasing these items by bearing 50 per cent of their total cost. – Photo courtesy Ministry of Agricultural and Fisheries

Muscat: In a major initiative, the directorate general of agriculture and livestock distributed a whopping number of 1,200 agricultural tillers among farmers in various governorates of the country this year, according to Sayyid Fakhruddin bin Hilal Al Busaidi, assistant wali of Nizwa.

Speaking at a ceremony held at Nizwa to distribute tillers and related accessories among farmers, he said that the Al Dakhliya governorate was the largest beneficiary of this scheme as it received 278 tillers. Out of the total 100 manual small tillers also, it received 22 tillers to become the largest beneficiary of the plan.

He said that 100 small manual tillers were also distributed among farmers along with other accessories across the country.  He added that the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is helping  Omani farmers in purchasing these items by bearing 50 per cent of their total cost.

This helps the farmers to become self-reliant. A lot of achievements have been made  in the area with the personal efforts made by these farmers and as a result of the ministry's annual programmes and projects.

According to Khaseeb bin Saleem bin Salim Al Mani, director for awareness and agricultural products, the ministry has spent more than OMR 1 million this year on the scheme to bear the 50 per cent cost of the total equipment.

The official informed that a big  agricultural tiller costs as much as 20 small manual tillers. Smaller tillers are easy to use and have multipurpose uses.

He said that the scheme to share the cost of agricultural tools is for those farmers who have small farm lands or live in the mountain areas of the country.

Talking about the Al Dakhliya governorate, which is the biggest beneficiary of the scheme, he said that this region has agricultural heritage, and has maximum variety of palms.

It also has a genetic bank of palms, a laboratory for palm products and farmer villages. Also, this governorate produces Oman's traditional farm products such as fruits, grains and livestock of high quality, he said.

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