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27,020 education department employees to get promotion in Oman
August 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Mustafa bin Ali bin Abdullatif, undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Administrative and Financial Affairs. Photo Credit: Supplied picture

Muscat: Mustafa bin Ali bin Abdullatif, undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Administrative and Financial Affairs, has announced that the ministry has begun work on the promotion of 27,020 employees.

Of this figure, 83 per cent are employees who belong to the teaching cadres representing 37 per cent of the ministry's Omani employees.

The promotions of 27,020 employees will cost the exchequer OMR57,300 million .
Abdullatif explained that the process is likely to take 45 days as the ministry is planning to take up 600 cases per day.

He also clarified that the process will be implemented according to seniority and will cover the various provinces of the Sultanate.

Abdullatif confirmed that the ministry has already begun to issue the notifications in this regard and 3,500 employees will get their new salaries in August.

He also confirmed that as per the progress so far, the process is expected to be completed by October this year.

The Ministry of Education has been doing a lot to support the teaching profession.

As per a report published by the Ministry of Education in Times of Oman last year, "Since 2012, the Ministry of Education has extensively expanded its Professional Development Programmes, as its budget for the programme was tripled to over OMR7 million as a result of the directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.  

Subject percentage
The selection of programme is based on the percentage of subject teachers per governorate and all programmes are examined rigorously by the participants. Teachers normally attend courses during school time, and they are replaced by a substitute, often a colleague.

The Ministry of Education provides courses at the central, regional and school levels. In addition, a full academic programme is held at Sultan Qaboos University.

To date, 1,200 teachers have attended and the 4th programme will be delivered to approximately 1,000 teachers on January 2014.

Selection to these courses is based on the professional needs of teachers.

Teachers are also provided with opportunities to attend professional conferences both in Oman and overseas. In addition, the International Visitor Programme sends school principals and supervisors abroad to observe 'best practices' and to share what they have learnt with their colleagues on their return.

There are also opportunities for teachers and other ministry personnel to upgrade their qualifications from BA to MA to PhD, with teachers being allocated a 70 per cent share of such degrees.

At present, the Ministry of Education provides some funds to schools to organise their own professional development training programmes.

Senior teachers often identify the topics for staff development based on their knowledge of the needs within the school.

The Ministry of Education supports schools to make greater use of the expertise of practicing teachers, to encourage more teachers per peer collaboration where teachers meet at the local level to share ideas and develop good practices while also providing an online forum for professional development and discussions."

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