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Oil and gas mobile unit to boost safety, quality
August 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Sultan Ali Ahmed Al Busaidi. Photo: Times of Oman

Muscat: In the first of its kind in Oman, a mobile unit has become available to enhance the safety and quality of operations in oil and gas fields, thanks to a complete inspection solution offered by a new generation start-up company based in Muscat.

Offered by the United National Oilfield Services (UNOS), the 'unique' solution will assist oil producers and operators, gas producers and refineries, oil well drilling contractors as well as well service contractors in conducting safer tests and improving their operations.

"The main purpose is to have a comprehensive service solution using one unit instead of having one service at a time," Sultan Ali Ahmed Al Busaidi, UNOS managing director, told the 'Times of Oman' in an interview here on Tuesday.
Cost reduction
According to him, the pressure test unit, which normally operates on top of the wheels, can carry out all pressure test activities on clients' premises with the aim of enhancing the reliability of the equipment and minimising or eliminating the clients' non-productive time, logistics costs and the possibility of accidents.
"It will help reduce their costs as the service is provided from inside Oman and they do not need to take the equipment to other countries."

Al Busaidi said that there are similar units being used in some other countries, but this unit has been 'customised' for use in Oman and is the first of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman.

Multiple functions and activities can take place in the container, including gauge calibration and rig or hoist handling equipment's repair, he added.

The unit is fully contained with a 30-feet-long steel shipping container, designed and manufactured with a high standard steel structure designed for land-based, safe area use on its solid body.

According to the UNOS, all safety measures have been put in place in the container, which can handle maximum test pressure of 15,000 psi (pound per square inch) and sample flasks to a maximum test pressure of 24,000 psi.

The operator controls the testing from a cabin within the container which is separate and protected from the test bay area. The data related to the testing can be sent from the control room online to any supervisor office while the test is performed.

Al Busaidi, who has the experience of working for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for 14 years, said that the initiative was introduced in February 2014.

"Currently, only one unit is available but we plan to increase the number to five in 2015" in order to reach to more clusters of fields, said the managing director of UNOS, which has a registration certificate from the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

Speaking on the sidelines of a session held to brief companies' representatives about the new service, Al Busaidi said that the company's clients include Baker Hughes, Petrogas E&P, Midwesco, Shaleem Petroleum, Compass Oil Service and Scientific Drilling Company.

In addition, he said that the initiative will help promote the In-Country Value (ICV) drive and will create employment opportunities for Omanis.
Al Busaidi also called on the government to provide more support to those small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who have the potential to help develop the country through new and genuine ideas. 

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