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Omani boy, 4, crushed to death by electric gate of family villa in Ajman
August 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The gate in which the boy’s head became stuck. Courtesy Ajman Police

Ajman: A four-year-old boy was crushed to death by the electric security gate of his family's villa in Ajman.

According to The National newspaper, a neighbour saw the boy trapped in the door and raised the alarm. The child's brother, 12, released the door and the little boy's body fell to the ground. When police arrived shortly afterwards, at about 10pm on Tuesday, the child was already dead.

His body was taken to Khalifa Hospital, where an examination confirmed he had died from a fractured skull.

"The door was examined and found to have sensors that would cause the door to stop closing if someone was passing, but apparently the child's small body was not detected by the sensors and he died on the spot," said Maj Ibrahim Al Shehi, director of CID at Al Madeena police station.  

The child's mother told police she was the last person to leave the house, and she thought the little boy may have followed her without her noticing.

She first heard of the incident when a relative told her the child had been caught in the door.

She went to hospital thinking he had suffered only minor injuries. When she was told he had died she fell into a state of shock.

Col Sheikh Sultan Al Nuaimi, deputy director of Ajman Police, offered condolences to the family.

Col Sheikh Sultan confirmed the child was an Omani citizen. "At the beginning he was thought to be Emirati but after viewing official documents, it turned out he was an Omani national. May God be with the family in their loss," he said.

He said it was unlikely any criminal charges would be filed as the death was an accident.

He did, however, ask parents to keep a close eye on their children around heavy gates.

"I urge parents to pay more attention and never leave their children home alone, always ensure safety precautions are taken around children mainly concerning windows and balconies and watch over them while playing inside or outside the house," he said.

He said homeowners should check that electric sensors in automatic doors work properly to avoid similar tragedies.

After all tests were complete, the child's body was returned to his family for burial.

After the funeral, police will resume questioning family members and neighbours.
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