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Punching Bag: Should there be more free WiFi zones in Muscat for smartphone users?
August 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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The fact that you see people holding up smartphones and lost in communication in large numbers at every single place where there is free Wifi, as well as outside establishments with unsecured Wifi signals, itself indicates the extent of its use by the general public who do not have or cannot afford internet access at home or at their workplace. Therefore, if more free Wifi zones are created, the free users will have more options and not hang around commercial establishments for unsecured signals.
Ramesh P. Dutta, Al Ghubra

There is an attitude among some people that the internet should be avoided during travel so one can enjoy a trip. Even for those who feel this way, the internet can still be a very useful tool to the traveler who goes abroad. It allows travellers to read about attractions they plan to visit and to see maps of how to get to those destinations. So, I strongly believe, Muscat should have more Wifi zones.
Ayesha Parker, Muscat

I doubt anyone will say no for this, considering Muscat has very few free Wifi Zones. Mobile data packages in Oman are also expensive so it  might surely be very attractive to many people who do not have Wifi at home (workers/tourists and the like). Internet is more of a necessity than a luxury, it is a facility that will surely be helpful for checking about nearby restaurants/services to group studying and business  
Kay, Al Khuwair

I think, it would rather be a good idea to set up more free Wifi zones in Muscat. Some expat workers who are smartphone users can take full advantage of this facility. It will soon become cheaper for them to connect with their families as they won't have to pay the cost. 
Arzoo Bariana, Student, ISM 

Some years ago, mobile phone use was limited, today it is common even among the low-income groups. So, it would be good if every city provides its citizens with free Wifi at all public places, not only at Wifi zones, so that people can avail of it when outdoors.
Sheetal E, Al Hail

More free Wifi zones will provide the younger generation  greater access to objectionable information via internet  without parental consent. It should therefore be limited to specific places only where there is some activity and vigilance. I don't think we need more free Wifi zones.
Molly Balgares, Al Qurum

It is good to have more free Wifi zones in the city so that those who cannot afford need not steal signals outside shops which can be dangerous to the owners of the shops as their connections could be used to send risky information.
Saeed Al Kharusi - Al Mabela 

We don't need more free Wifi zones but cheaper and easier Wifi connections. If there is a nominal charge it will be affordable to all as well as prevent smartphone users from using unsecured connections.Anything free gets misused, so a small charge will make people use the Wifi connection  sparingly and responsibly. Free Wifi zones are fertile grounds for misuse by children as well as pranksters.
Norbert Coutinho - Wadi Al Kabir

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