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Barka Municipality starts Shumaisa beach clean up
August 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Most of the trash here was left by careless tourists and locals alike.– Times of Oman

Muscat: Barka Municipality started a cleaning campaign on Shumaisa beach on Thursday vowing to clear out the litter in a multi-phase drive.

Twenty workers worked at the beach, gathering the garbage in bags.

The Times of Oman had recently highlighted the sorry conditions at the Shumaisa beach that was littered with tons of debris, including used truck tyres, paper, rusty cages, plastic bags, pile of rubbish, even a worn out pickup truck, lining the entire stretch.

Salim Al Siyabi, Head of Communication, Barka Municipality had earlier said, "We are hoping to develop the area and provide the facilities required for the comfort of citizens and residents. We welcome both the public and private authorities to cooperate and rid the beaches of litter."

Public responsibility
A worker hailing from Hyderabad, who wished not to be named and has been working with the municipality for a year and a half, said keeping the beach clean is the responsibility of all the visitors and not just the workers alone.

Srikanth, another municipality worker, who has been a resident of Barka for seven years, said he hoped people will become more responsible.

"This is not the first time we are cleaning this beach, and the task is a tiring one, especially during this heat," he said. "Nevertheless, it is my job, and I'm proud to be contributing towards ensuring that my city is clean."

He also added that most of the trash left here was the result of careless tourists and locals alike.

"There are dustbins allocated as you can see, but I don't know why some people fail to use them. I don't like the environs of the beach being so dirty. This must stop," said Srikanth.

Litter was found scattered everywhere along the vast stretch of the beach. Visitors enjoy an occasional dip in the sea to cool off, exercise and spend some leisure time with their families.

It is the responsibility of locals, residents, tourists and the authorities to maintain Oman's beaches.

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