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Niketh’s parents thank Times of Oman and its readers
August 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: On May 17 this year, the Times of Oman had reported a story about a three-year-old expatriate boy Niketh, who was directed by medics to undergo a life-saving liver transplantation surgery, and the sacrifice that his mother Suma was prepared to make by donating a portion of her liver.

Suma was ready to donate her liver to save her loving son but the only obstacle they faced was lack of funds for the surgery that was to cost around OMR30,000.

However, the story elicited a compassionate response from kind-hearted readers who responded positively. Within a few days, enough funds were raised. And with the blessings of the Almighty, the surgery was held successfully last week in India.

"Both, the mother and son, are fine. We don't know how to thank the Times of Oman and its readers who responded to our pleas. People from different walks of life came forward to help us. Without them, we could not have saved our son," Nandan, father of Niketh, told the Times of Oman over phone from Chennai.

Niketh was suffering from an inborn error of metabolism resulting in recurrent crises and requiring treatment at a hospital. Also, the child suffered developmental delay and was on an NGT feeding through a plastic tube inserted through the nose, past the throat, down into the stomach.

"I don't have words to express my gratitude to the Times of Oman readers who responded to our plea. Without their support, this could not have happened. We still can't believe that everything is okay. For three years, I suffered a lot. I quit my job, discontinued my elder child's studies and even planned to go back to India. But, the story on my son in the Times changed everything," Suma said.

"If my son is safe, then it is due to those who came forward and helped us generously after reading the news report," Suma added.

Niketh needed 24-hour attention and his medicines were costing the parents more than OMR150 per month.

"My husband had a small job only. Even when I was ready to donate my organ, we were aware that we will not be able to meet the surgery's expenses. Nothing was left after we shelled out all our earnings for the medication. Now, we feel blissful. Surgery was successful and I am also okay. Thanks to the medics, the readers, and for those who prayed for us," Suma said.

Some people were even reluctant to reveal their identities but generously donated thousands of rials for Niketh. We are planning to provide the balance amount to other needy people. When unknown people came forward to help us, it is our duty to do the same," Nandan added.

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