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Herbal medicines and cosmetics boxes seized in Dhofar
August 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The items were seized during a drive at a consumer goods exhibition at an amusement village.–Supplied photo

Muscat: More than 800 boxes of herbal medicines and cosmetic items meant for medicinal and nutritional use were confiscated in the Dhofar governorate, according to the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP).

According to the PACP, these items didn't have permission or licences required for marketing the products in the country.

During an inspection drive at a consumer goods exhibition at an amusement village in the Dhofar governorate, a team from the consumer protection department found the unlicensed herbal medicines and cosmetics being sold, and confiscated these items.

According to the PACP, these items could harm the users as they do not comply with the health and safety standards of the country.

Ali bin Salim Al Basrawi, director of consumer protection in the Dhofar governorate, said that the herbal medicines and cosmetics come under Decision Number 136 /2012 issued by the chairman of the PACP. The first article of the decision says that marketing and advertising the natural herbs or plant extracts of nutritional nature is not allowed without permission from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Al Basrawi said that the second article of the same decision says that the marketing, distribution and advertisement of all types of natural or processed herbs for medicinal use in the form of capsules, tablets, ointments, liquid or powder and in any other shape is not permissible without the permission of the ministry of health.

He has urged the consumers that when they buy such items, they should demand to see a copy of the license to sell these items. If they are not able to see such a license, they should avoid purchasing the item.

Government licences
The PACP requires that the shops dealing in such items should display the licenses issued by both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry prominently so that a consumer can read these before buying.

Meanwhile, the public prosecution in Rustaq has slapped fines worth a OMR100 against those who refused to give receipts on the purchase of some items.

The PACP has, in one of its recent campaigns, urged the people to take a receipt for whatever goods and services they receive, as their right.

Another accused was fined in Rustaq for not displaying a price list of the food items being sold at the coffee shop.

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