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Amerat water supply back to normal after two days
August 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Water tankers were stationed in Amerat to deal with any shortage of water.– Photo by PAEW

Muscat: After 48 hours of maintenance work at a pumping station and feeder, water supply in all parts of the wilayat of Amerat is back to normal.

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) has announced that the water supply, which remained disrupted from Friday till Sunday afternoon, has been restored as maintenance work at a pumping station in Amerat was completed.

The work continued for around 48 hours and water supply resumed yesterday evening. During the period when work was under way, the PAEW had stationed water tankers in some areas to serve the people in case they experienced water shortage at home.

The PAEW issued notices in advance urging people to remain ready for any disruption as it was set to start maintenance work at the pumping station that was likely to continue from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon.

Welcoming the improvement and maintenance work at the pumping station, Waleed Al Mahrooqi, an Omani resident of Amerat, said he hoped that the water supply would become normal at the earliest. He said the work was much awaited and would help the local population to receive uninterrupted water supply in future.

Abu Suhaib, another Omani living in the area, said that the water tankers made available in the area were not sufficient keeping in view the size of the wilayat.

Anil Suri, a mechanical engineer, said there was not much problem as the PAEW had issued advance notice and people were ready for the situation.

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