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Seminar on road safety held at ISS
December 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Menacing vehicles hurtling on the road in an unknown chase of destination and  that is the usual sight on Oman roads now, with an ever-increasing number of accidents taking place every week.

Even innocent, school-going children are not untouched with the impact of these speedy monsters. A seminar on 'Road safety' held at Indian School Al Seeb recently was a breath of fresh breeze to create awareness in the young minds on such a relevant topic.

The resource person was First Lt Mudhar Abdul Malik Al Mazrooei, head of the Training Department, Traffic Safety Institute, Directorate-General of Traffic, ROP.

The students were pinned to their seats as they were thoroughly absorbed in the interactive session conducted by Malik Al Mazrooei.

Nagesh Kelkar, the officiating principal accorded a warm welcome to the revered guest on behalf of the school management committee.

Kelkar reminded the children that traffic movement along with road safety has become the foremost concern of all the parents, as a large number of children travel in small buses daily and there is no organised transport system for schools here.

Hence it is imperative to avoid accidents and take care of the personal safety a responsibility which should be shared by the schools and the parents together.

He reiterated that the habit of following the road safety rules should be inculcated among students in their formative years.

The session conducted by Malik Al Mazrooei left the children mesmerised as he took the help of the students and gave live demonstration to teach the importance of seat belt, disadvantages of using mobile phones while driving, coordination of eye and mind, etc.

He cautioned the young impressionistic minds to be vigilant on the road even while sitting in their buses and inform their teachers and authorities if they saw any irregularities on the road by the drivers.

He warned against the use of drugs while driving and told the students about its horrifying consequences. Finally, he complimented the school for such a noble initiative and mentioned that he would lend all support from his technical team to help the school construct a proper traffic flow map.

He invited the school to send students from different classes and age groups to attend a workshop at the traffic safety institute.

Nagesh Kelkar presented a memento to the guest on behalf of the school management committee. It was a noble venture on the part of ROP to educate the young ones on such an important issue and giving the students a chance to interact with such an eminent personality.
The head girl, Srivalli Valiveti and the vice head boy Stevin Varghese, thanked the guests and requested them to allow other classes also to avail this opportunity in future.

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