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Oman diving: Underwater frills and thrills
August 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photo - Hi

My nervous mind repeatedly reminded me about the perils of going down under the water while getting ready for a Scuba Diving trip last week. "Remember, it's not child's play.

Pressure variations may harm your nose and ear and it's difficult to hold your breath for a long time under the sea…" a warning was sounded, and my heart sank further! But the other half of my mind encouraged me to go for it in the sapphire green water at the picturesque Bandar Al Khairan diving site.

"Don't waste an opportunity to explore the ocean's treasure trove," I heard whispers all around me. And suddenly, I began getting transformed into an adventure freak, ready to take on challenges, ready to explore my own potential. The only solace was the fact that I would be among professionals who'd guide and watch over me as I took a dip.

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