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Punching Bag: Does Muscat's Ruwi clock tower precinct need to be spruced up?
August 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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If Ruwi is the Westminster of Muscat, then Clock Tower is the Big Ben. And for the most part, 'attributable to' anthropogenic activities the milieu needs  to be smartened and smitten with invitation that can reach the very heart at root of the passersby. That would be of great magnitude for both weekender residents and holiday-maker foreigners likewise. However, the sprucing up may kindly be kicked off after the Wadi Kabir – Darsait flyover is entirely 'ready to fly'!
Gautam Ghosh-Dastidar, Wadi Kabir                                    

I was a regular at the Ruwi Clock Tower some years ago when my kids were small, as the lawns provided them place to run about and play. Today, when I pass by, I see sewage water flowing on one side, the grass is unkempt and there are groups of young men sitting around, making the place unpleasant for families. It surely needs to be spruced up so that more people can visit.
Deena Phillip, Ruwi

The Clocktower at Ruwi is a popular landmark in Muscat and residents as well as tourists go there regularly. However, it is not being maintained properly. This space can be very well used for many community activities.
J. D. Sawant, Wadi Al Kabir

I agree, that the Ruwi clock tower premises need to be cleaned up regularly and made more appealing with facilities for people to sit/interact, etc. As of now, the place is wasted as nothing fruitful is being done here, though it is a popular monument.
Naresh Shah, Al Ghubra

I don't think this place needs to be renovated as it has been planned very well by the municipality with marble flooring as well as green lawns for people to sit. May be, there can provide a fence and gates to make it look better.
Ahmed Al Balushi, Al Khuwair

The clocktower precincts must have some good restaurants and facilities such as drinking water, toilets, etc. When people come there to spend and evening, these are the basic  facilities needed at any public place.
Shabnam Baig, Darsait

There are so many things that can be done around the Ruwi clocktower for entertainment and recreation, like having a games parlour, restaurant, etc. to make people come there regularly. Short films with social messages can also be screened on the pedestal walls which are meant to be giant screens. At present, it is in a shabby state and no one likes to go there, except to take photos.
Hemant Dwiivedi, Wadi Al Kabir

The clock tower at Ruwi is a popular landmark but it needs to be better maintained. The greenery and seating spaces are not clean and often, children play football there, disturbing those who come to have a quiet time. I think, we need to seriously improve the look of this place and provide better facilities, especially toilets as a lot of old persons/children come there in the evenings.
T. Iyer, Ruwi

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