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Indian School Muscat students to get tablets
August 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A special section has also been added to the school’s website to help students to access worksheets, question papers and study materials from their homes. The school is also coordinating with various subject content providers to make learning more digital.–File photo

Muscat: Students of classes IV, VIII, and IX of the Indian School Muscat (ISM) will soon be equipped with tablets if parents and school officials press the enter button of the first project, a school management committee official said.

"To reduce the load of books and to ease their learning, we have plans to introduce tablets for students. We had a meeting with the parents. They sound positive. We have sought feedback from them," Avirat Vaishanav, the ISM management committee president, told Times of Oman.

Yesterday, the school held a meeting with parents in this regard. "The parents have to shell out money for the tablet. As we have to provide the best and hardy devices for the children, we will be coordinating the purchase. We are planning to implement the project by this October. The upgrading of the device will be done by the school," the SMC president added.

Meanwhile, a majority of parents are also upbeat over the school's move.

"We have got the feedback form. It sounds a good move. Let the children get acquainted with modern learning and technology," a group of parents said.

Financial factors
However, the financial implications has left some parents worried.

"This is a good move. We welcome it. However, we are worried whether we will be able to afford it. The school authorities should make sure that it will be cost effective and of good quality," the parents said.

A few months ago, with a view to improving the learning abilities of students and the skills of teachers, ISM had partnered with eWorld, to provide digital content, special web pages for both parents and children and SMS assistance.

In addition to installing computers, smart boards, projectors and speakers in classrooms, the school has introduced the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which will help teachers to improve their teaching and manage their volume of work effectively.

The e-initiatives have not only eased the workload of teachers, but also enabled parents to keep a tab on their children's education.

Further, it has helped parents to log onto the school server and receive updates on their children's performance in real-time.

There are some 9,000 students studying in the school, along with a teaching and non-teaching staff of 400.

According to a school official, a special section has also been added onto the school website to help students to access worksheets, question papers, study materials, and other classroom tools from their homes. In addition to this, they have set up SMS assistance systems to ease communications between parents and the school.

The school is also coordinating with various subject content providers to make learning more digital.

"Digitally rich content mapped onto Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be delivered through the school server. This will offer support in making teaching more lively, interactive and technically driven. Teachers are also empowered with desktops and laptops to deliver content more efficiently in the classrooms and keep themselves abreast of the latest educational teaching methods," the school officials had said then.

The school has also launched its e-magazine, highlighting the achievements of students and teachers. Also, the school is incorporating CCTV surveillance to enhance the safety and security of its students and staff in and around the campus.

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