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‘Reflections’ to represent essence of life in Oman
September 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Come September 6, dance aficionados will get to witness classical dance recital where a noted classical dancer Premila Ramesh and her students will present an ensemble of choreographies at the event — 'Reflections'.

Orbit Training Centre for Performing Arts (Nrityanjali) has been producing and presenting mega Indian performing arts events since 2003 in Oman and in India. The art lovers have very well received all their productions.

Inspired by such success and patronage, Nrityanjali is presenting yet another unique event — 'Reflections' on September 6 at the Oman Auditorium, Al Bustan Palace – A Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Premila Ramesh, director of Nrityanjali a well sought after classical performer, teacher and choreographer in an interview speaks about her upcoming event 'Reflections'.

How did you think of the concept 'Reflections' for your dance recital?
Classical dance, in yesteryears, had a very set style of music and dance. I have always wanted to explore the varied dimensions of this art form with experimental music without compromising the purity of the art form.

That being my principle idea, I have tried to bring in different hues of dance and music into one concept. As a dancer, I tend to move towards spirituality. Everyone seeks answers to many unanswered question like the real and the unreal; ignorance and knowledge; definition of a good human being . As an artist, I sought answers to these question through dance.

I realised that the best way to get these answers is by seeking within, for not much can be found in the outer world. The scope of this concept was so wide that it permitted me to treat this classical art form contemporarily. Hence the concept of 'Reflections' seeks within.

How many performers will be there at the show?
Twenty-three senior disciples of Nrityanjali and I will be performing.

How long did it take to put together this concept?
This concept has been in my mind for many years. I started putting the pieces of this puzzle together over the last two years.

How will it be different from your previous shows?
The costumes, jewellery, music in this show are not strictly traditional. But still, I have not deviated from the essence or purity of this classical art form. How have I achieved to this — well to know that, one has to watch the show.

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