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Global drive to save Brazil’s tribe
December 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

London: A London-based rights group used Human Rights Day yesterday to coordinate a global drive in support of the Awa of the Brazilian Amazon, describing them as "Earth's most threatened tribe".

Survival International, a leading advocate for tribal peoples' rights worldwide, sponsored protests in London, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Berlin, The Hague and San Francisco to pressure Brazil to honour its pledge to remove loggers, ranchers and settlers from demarcated Awa territories.

Little chance
In letters to Brazilian diplomatic missions in those cities,  Survival supporters warned that "if the invasion and destruction are not halted now, we believe that the Awa have little chance of surviving," the group said.

Survival Director Stephen Corry urged Brasilia to "remove all invaders from the Awa indigenous territory as a matter of urgency, and put in place a permanent land protection plan which will enable them to live in peace and security on their land."

Last April, Survival launched a campaign spearheaded by Britain's Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth to focus world attention on the plight of the Awa, warning they were threatened with "genocide" and "extinction."

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