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Strange affairs
December 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Now comes news of a miraculous recovery by 49-year-old Demi Moore. Insiders report that the actress is "happier than she's been in months" and is "really enjoying going out again rather than being a sad recluse at home."

And the reason for the spectacular turn-around? Although not yet finally divorced from the last one, Demi's got herself  new toyboy. He's 26-year-old art-dealer Vito Schnabel, 24 years her junior. The couple met at supermodel Naomi Campbell's billionaire boyfriend's 50th birthday party in India last month and have been almost inseparable ever since.

"It's early days but after three children and two husbands Demi feels she has the right to have some fun," says a friend. "She knows people think she should be with someone her own age but her philosophy is that it doesn't matter if the feelings are there.

"Vito is very romantic and is showering Demi with gifts and he compliments her all the time. Demi is at last feeling great about herself again and although she was dreading turning fifty it's as though Vito has given her a new lease of life."

Daughters Scout, Rumer and Tallulah are relieved that their mum  is happy again. We were told: "They've been begging her to move on from Ashton. Of course they're worried that it might not work out but seeing her happy again is worth the risk."

Meanwhile, according to insiders, Ashton Kutcher and new love Mila Kunis are planning to start a family although they have only been dating since September.

We were told: "Mila is a bit coy on the subject," but she does admit that babies are planned for her and Ashton's future. And remember that she did say a few weeks ago: "I do want a family. I'd rather be in love and have a baby than make a hit movie!"

Are the Beckhams moving back to London? Despite the fact that David is seriously considering buying an American football team,rumours grow that Victoria is planning to make the UK the base for her flourishing fashion business — and wants the family there as well.

She has already been looking at properties in south London and also visiting schools in the same area. Houses include some multi million pound period mansions in Richmond, Wandsworth and Wimbledon, including one that was recently rented by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Apparently one that has taken Victoria's fancy is a 18 million pound grade one listed mansion in Richmond, Surrey, with seven bedrooms, a wine cellar and a gym.

"They love living in LA," says a friend." But it's no secret that David gets homesick for the UK."  (Catherine Crawford/Tony James Features)

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