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Striking strokes by Sri Lankan artist
December 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat:  An exhibition hosting nearly 55 paintings of Sri Lankan artist Nalinie Kodikara opened at the Al Falaj Hotel on Thursday.

The ensemble of artwork, which stood out for its striking concept and technique of presentation, was titled 'Brush, Be My Hero' (Pinsalata Pinsiduweva).

Asoka Girihagama, ambassador of Sri Lanka to Oman opened the exhibition that presented a varied range of styles in painting. The collection of paintings reflected the artist's perceptions regarding life and the world.

What is unique about the artist is that she took to painting after retiring from services as an early education teacher. Yet her work speaks of years of experience.

Offering a varied sort of styles on canvas, her works are a feast in creativity. She has delved in collection of oil and acrylic on canvas, pencil shading, acrylic and crayon on paper, charcoal on paper and coffee on canvas. Speaking of her work, she said, "It has been highly satisfying to put my thoughts on canvas. Though I had the freedom to explore my creative side only after my retirement, I am glad I have put my free time to good use."

"When something touches my soul, I use the mode of painting to express my thoughts. My art seeks to express my internal world. I was born and brought up in Sri Lanka and so you will see a lot of influences from my home country. Whatever that comes out through my brush is a reflection of the great traditions that I have inherited," she said.

The opening day also saw the launch of her website www.pinsala.com designed and conceptualised by her daughter. Lauding her works Sri Lankan ambassador said that the paintings proved the artist's unique talent and her love for painting. He said that the exhibition is an opportunity for Sri Lankan artists to engage with the Omani counterparts.

Kodikara explores traditional themes in painting and the possibilities of expressing and relating to them in her own painting style within a contemporary art context.

Her paintings, not only depict the heritage and culture of Sri Lanka but also promotes the country in a big way. The artist has also painted some well known locales of Oman like Jebel Akhdhar. Nalinie Kodikara is the wife of Somabandhu Kodikara, principal of the Sri Lankan School, Muscat.

The exhibition was attended and visited by prominent members of the Sri Lankan Social Club.

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