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Bank Sohar hosts annual luncheon meet for media
December 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Bank Sohar as part of its efforts to strengthen its relationship with the local media organised the annual press and media meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat on December 11 to honour local media professionals.

The event, which was held at Shiraz restaurant, was attended by media and press professionals representing different publications in the country. The bank's senior management team, including, Khalfan Rashid Al Tal'ey DGM Retail Banking, were present along with the bank's staff to welcome the attendees and thank them for their participation at the event.
Other bank officials who attended included Salim Khamis Al Maskry, AGM, branches and Mazin Al Raisi, AGM, head of Marketing and Publicity.

"Bank Sohar strongly believes that the media is an agent of change in the society as it educates and creates awareness among people on various issues of interest through its coverage of news and views, economic updates, developments in the banking sector in addition to covering conferences, and workshops, and seminars related to business, social, educational and cultural aspects," Al Tal'ey said.

"Bank Sohar is indeed glad to know that the media in Oman has made impressive strides over the years and has been covering various aspects of day to day developments in a very professional manner. We would like to thank all the invitees for their support throughout a very successful year for Bank Sohar.

"Media professionals are more than our partners in our journey to success and their support to the bank has been exceptional since the beginning. Whatever we have achieved would not have been possible without their support," Al Tal'ey added.

"Bank Sohar has been hosting annual meet regularly to strengthen bonds of friendship with the media. We will continue to further enhance our relations with the media and open the bank's doors to all media professionals and provide them with the necessary information in their pursuit of professional excellence and communicating with the people of various strata," Mazin Al Raisi said.

The gathering was well received by the media professionals who expressed their gratitude to Bank Sohar for its generous gesture and its efforts to maintain a continuous communication relationship with them.

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