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New specialist at Lama Polyclinic
December 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Lama Polyclinic announced the joining of Dr Esmat Al Joboori as internal medicine specialist and endocrinologist with special interest in treating diabetes mellitus.

He started his career from early 70s as a lecturer and researcher in Iraq (Baghdad), teaching in medical colleges, working in hospitals and in Diabetic Clinics and Institute of Nutrition.
He started working in UK from 1976 as a senior registrar at Guys Hospital, London in its diabetic and endocrinology clinics. He did research on diabetes and its effect on kidney and also on blood pressure for years.

He joined research programmes in US with Lahey Clinic in the mid 80s and also with Metro Hospital in Cleveland in the USA.

He started working in Oman in a private clinic for 10 years and offered his services to diabetic patients and also patients who had endocrinological problems.

He joins Lama Polyclinic as a chief medical officer in internal medicine.

Lama Polyclinic has consistently expanded and upgraded since opening in 1988 with almost all specialities under one roof and has 30 highly qualified experienced doctors having 10 to 30 years of experience in their fields.

With a multi-purpose and modern architectural facility, Lama Polyclinic provides attentive, confidential and quality care, ensuring strict codes of conduct and compliance with international standards consistent with centres of healthcare excellence.

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