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Al Khuwair court puts curbs on lawyers carrying mobiles
December 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Muscat Appeals Court in Al Khuwair has denied lawyers the permission to carry cellphones and handbags inside court premises, since Saturday.

On Saturday, the lawyers were also frisked and were not allowed to carry cellphones and handbags inside the court.

According to lawyers, the posting of a video recording on Youtube of last Wednesday's court hearing has triggered this action.

"Someone has posted a video recording (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6JUCjvAeN4) of last Wednesday's hearing at the court of the case of 12 bloggers. The person who posted the video is at large. This is the reason for the frisking and the new move," Sumaiya Al Balushi, a lawyer, told Times of Oman.

New rules
"Earlier, visitors were not allowed to carry cellphones inside the court premises. But after this incident, lawyers are also being frisked while entering courtroom," Al Balushi said.

"Security personnel are not allowing us to carry our cellphones inside court. It is an embarrassing situation. We are being frisked each and every time we go out and return. Communication has become difficult. As we are dealing with cases, sometimes we have to call our office and colleagues," the lawyer added.

Meanwhile, some of the lawyers held talks with the higher authorities of the court to solve the issue.

"What we heard is that the talks were not fruitful," the lawyer claimed, while adding that the curbs on cellphones and handbags may stay for sometime till the culprit is caught.

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