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Conmen rob expat after ‘abduction’
December 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: An Indian expatriate was allegedly kidnapped and robbed by two conmen near Mawelah Indian School on Sunday evening.

Ravi, the victim, was walking back to his camp at around 7pm after purchasing grocery items from a nearby shop when he was frisked by the conmen and 'kidnapped'.

"The shop is some 30 minutes walk from my camp. Usually, I purchase grocery from that shop and walk back to my camp. On Sunday evening, while I was walking back, a black-coloured sedan stopped near me.

The driver and the passenger, both wearing Omani national dress, demanded my ID card. As I stood perplexed, they yelled at me and spoke authoritatively to show that they were officials. So I obeyed them and handed over my car keys, and as they ordered, I sat with them in their car," Ravi told Times of Oman.

The car then headed towards the camp at high speed but slowed down before entering the Express Highway. Realising it was the right moment to escape, Ravi opened the door and jumped out.

Escape from car
"The moment I jumped, they stopped the car, came out and yelled at me. They snatched my wallet, pushed me back and drove away," Ravi alleged.

Ravi had RO180 and some important bills and telephone numbers in his wallet.
"Money, bills and those telephone numbers were quite important for me," Ravi told Times
of Oman.

He has lodged a complaint with police and provided them with all information that he had.
"I could recollect only four numbers from the car registration plate. As I was in a state of panic, I couldn't read it full. When they noticed me looking at the number plate, they switched off the light and drove away at high speed," Ravi added.

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