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I am here to change market trends, says heiress Feeha
December 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Feeha Jamshed. Pic: Express Tribune

Karachi: Teejays' heiress and creative director Feeha Jamshed strongly feels fashion needs to be on the streets of Pakistan.

She wants Pakistan to dominate the international scene and believes that fashion should be for the masses; not just for the elite sitting in their luxurious drawing rooms. 

Feeha makes her vision a reality by keeping her fashion forward outfits at reasonable prices; it is clear that Feeha is not in it simply to mint money.

"Everything is definitely not about profits," says Feeha. "I am not going to be a part of the web that entangles one. I am here to change market trends for people to realise what other trends are out there for people to follow."

Own line
In March this year, Feeha took a step up and launched her own line titled Feeha Jamshed. She is the creative design partner for her label with her friend Haider Ali Baig looking after the business side.

Baig approached her to open her own company when he saw her at an event two years ago, where Feeha's collection had completely sold out. She refused initially, but this year succumbed to the idea.

Hence, the label Feeha Jamshed came about. Currently, it is being stocked in six places in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar. The label Feeha Jamshed showcases three lines: FJ Mass, Feeha Jamshed Couture and Limited Edition (which is in the production stage). FJ Mass caters to everyone and is priced below Rs5,000 and the couture line is made to order and starts from Rs50,000. Her prêt line Limited Edition will range between Rs5,000 to Rs30,000.

Feeha's inspiration comes from her father, who predicted ages ago how retail could grow in the fashion industry. She believes that if people retail before jumping onto the bandwagon of couture, their brand would stay strong and so would the fashion industry.

Designer Feeha Jamshed talks about her brand and her future ambitions. When asked how she manages to do it all, while simultaneously managing Teejays, Feeha smiles and says: "Like Marc Jacobs does for Louis Vuitton."

A tryst with fashion
Under Feeha, Teejays has made waves by being fashionable and conspicuous in the recent past. Feeha designed Mahira Khan's Humsafar wardrobe which momentarily stole many a viewer's breath. "We got orders from Austria, Belgium and even Japan!" Feeha says excitedly. "It [the Humsafar wardrobe]took Pakistan by storm. I don't understand why; it was just a plain and simple pishwas," she adds, referring to the graceful eastern clothes
worn by Mahira.

"I keep my Eastern wear very traditional," she says. As far as cuts go, Feeha likes Pakistani dresses as they should be. "I can tamper with Western cuts, but I want Eastern cuts to remain as they are," explains the designer. "I will never tamper with my own traditional stuff. I'd rather export my cuts than import these cuts."

After the popularity of Humsafar's wardrobe, Feeha was also approached by actor-director Marina Khan for Tanhiayan: Naye Silsilay.

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