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Karnataka Wing’s musical show is a hit with audience
December 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat:  Kannadigas of Muscat were treated to an unforgettable evening of music recently at Le Grande Hall, Al Falaj Hotel.

The musical event, Sirigannadam Gelge was organised by the Karnataka Wing, Indian Social Club to celebrate Karnataka Rajyotsava Day. The mega musical event saw music director, lyricist, film director and actor V. Manohar leading an amazing talented group of singers Badri Prasad, Ramesh Chandra, Seema Raikar and Akanksha Badami to present a memorable musical journey.

The evening saw J. S. Mukul, Indian ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman being honoured by the Karnataka Wing members.

Eminent Kannadigas, G. V. Ramakrishna, head, National Sales and Expat Services, Bank Muscat and Kavitha Ramakrishna, well-known Sanskrit teacher and Tanjore painting expert were honoured too. The Indian ambassador lauded the efforts of the members of the Karnataka Wing in organising a special event to celebrate the Karnataka Rajyotsava Day.

He said such events help the non-resident Indians connected to their country. The singers took the audience down the nostalgic lane by singing some of the most memorable songs composed by the top erstwhile music directors from the Kannada film industry.

After the group rendered Karnataka's state song, Badri Prasad started the evening by singing the soulful Naanaduva Nudiye Kannada Nudi. Seema Raikar and Akanksha Badami followed it up with the soulful Teredide Mane o Baa Atithi.

The rendering of the song Sirivanthanadaru by Ramesh Chandra and Seema Raikar tugged at the hearts of the audience. Ramesh Chandra sang the popular songs Sevanthiye Sevanthiye and O Mallige to perfection much to the delight of the audience. The popular song Baanallu Neene rendered by Seema Raikar had the audience asking for more.

Badri Prasad and Akanksha Badami's rendering of Tamnam Tamnam Nanni Manasu Midiyutide was soulful and perfect.

Olave Jeevana Sakshatkara, Endendhu Ninanu Marethu among others was enjoyed immensely by the lovers of old Kannada film songs. The singers had fun songs such as Dandapindagallu in their list too. Over all it was an impressive evening with talented singers taking the audience down a melodious lane.

"It was an evening we will not forget for a long time to come," said Ramesh, who was among the audience who stayed put for the entire duration of the programme which lasted for nearly three hours.

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