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Unique GCC leader website launched
December 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Hamoud bin Mohammed Al Azri

Muscat: To mark his admiration for the leaders attending the 33nd session of the GCC Supreme Council in Manama, an Omani national has come out with a unique website dedicated to these leaders. The comprehensive website sheds light on the leadership qualities and the personal traits that made the leaders excel in their statesmanship. 
Speaking about the website, Hamoud bin Mohammed Al Azri, general supervisor of 'Oman-Qaboos' website, said: "It gives great pleasure and joy to all Omanis on the launch of the website, which includes an overview about the life of the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the secretary-general and the role of the General Secretariat of
the Council."

The website also brings all the GCC leaders in one section showing each leader's personal website so that the visitors are able to read more about the leaders, Azri added.             
The website featuring the leaders of the Council has social networking links and the website management will work hard to update them with the GCC meeting schedule.

In addition, YouTube channel containing several videos and songs presented during the previous sessions of the GCC summit in the past years is also linked to the website.        
"This website attempts to bring to light the importance of the GCC's blessed march and outcomes of the fraternal meetings binding the GCC leaders in achieving further aspirations of their peoples," he said. 
The 'Oman-Qaboos' website which was launched coinciding with the 41st National Day of the Sultanate, is the interface and a milestone.

The website communicates to the world in 15 different languages, including Malay, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Korean, Persian, Swahili, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Malaysian besides Arabic and English.

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