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Golden rules for a healthy 2013
December 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM

I have just received feedback from doctors across the Gulf on obesity and its effects on health. Obesity is always a sign of health problems to come; many of them acute. We all want to be healthy and enjoy life so I have set down the golden rules of healthy eating that I have learnt work through 15 years of running a slimming club for you. Remember it is never too late to improve your health. Whilst there are clinical causes for weight gain, for the majority of us it is due to over-eating and a lack of exercise. But with education it is preventable. According to consumer surveys in the Gulf, the main causes of weight gain are: Over-large portion sizes, large amounts of oil in cooking, availability of cheap fast food around the clock, snacking on unhealthy snacks, carbonated or fizzy drinks and colas and lack of physical activity. Start with positive steps. Do not think, "I must lose weight", that can be felt as a negative statement to the brain.    Say, "I am going to be slim fit and healthy" and more towards your ideal weight step by step by making small gradual changes.

First three steps
Keep an eye on portion size, always say no to seconds and be physically active by starting your day with exercise.

Festivals and celebrations are times to enjoy. Have a little of everything but keep an eye on portion size.

Mantras may help
Some will say they have no control: to help them it might be a good idea to have a personal mantra to say whenever you are tempted to eat something you don't need to eat. (When you are offered a chocolate or some cake, say your mantra to yourself). It will help you to have self-control and it will also give you a good feeling rather than feeling deprived or sad.

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