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2013 Draft Budget reviewed
December 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: The Council of Ministers held a session to complete the matters related to the draft Budget of the State for 2013. The Council reviewed the conclusions of the Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Council on the views of the Council of Oman referred to it from the Council of Ministers.

It may be mentioning that the Council of Oman's views comprised some remarks on the State's Budget as well as some views on the general policies and the five-year development plan under the jurisdiction of some specialised councils which, as per the law, have the authority to take the decisions and develop policies related to their fields, such as the Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Council, the Supreme Council for Planning, the Central Bank Board of Governors, the Municipal Councils and others.

In the meeting, it was decided that the Council of Ministers should focus on areas directly related to the State budget, which are in line with the visions of the Council of Oman, especially those related to rationalising the subsidy for oil products, tightening control over them, evaluating the subsidy to the power sector, assessing the feasibility of subsiding government companies and their revenues.

They also include enhancing the budgets of some sectors such as tourism, mining, agriculture and fisheries.  The reply on the visions on the State Budget will be sent to the Council of Oman.

As for the policies related to the jurisdiction of the other councils, as per the Royal Decrees establishing them, the Council of Ministers will refer the issue to these councils for study.

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