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More docking speaker options for iPhone 5
January 14, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Hoping to satisfy iPhone 5 owners, Dutch electronics maker Philips has introduced four docking speakers with Apple Lightning connectors. The two more basic units are simply revamped models from the company's existing line-up. The smaller of the two, the $90 Bedroom Docking Speaker, has a digital clock that automatically synchronizes the time with your iPhone and an adjustable night light underneath that emits a soft glow.

The sleek, round design of the docking speaker offers 360 degrees of sound, which was enough to fill my tiny bedroom. A protruding Lightning connector at the top of the device is intended to allow docking even when the iPhone is in its case. The second model, the $129 Room to Room Docking Speaker, has no clock but offers better sound from its front-facing speakers.

Philips has two other docking speakers that offer more features, like portability and an FM radio.
The new models are expected to show up at Best Buy first, and then at Target and on Amazon.com.

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