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Horoscope for the day
January 20, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Horoscope is a kind of "psychological map" which shows certain patterns of every individual's personality. To read this map, you have to know its components. Horoscope is made up of planets, signs, houses, and the aspects between them. Each planet is placed in a particular sign of the zodiac, in Aries, Libra or Scorpio, for example. The signs give a certain colour or teint to the inner force. They show the way in which this part of the personality is expressed.

Born today, January 20

You insist on being genuine at all times, and you will do everything you can to avoid interacting with those who are in any way false, phony, deceptive or otherwise untrue. For you, honesty is not just the best policy, but rather something akin to a religion. You rely on it completely, without compromise, in as many of your dealings as you possibly can. At one dangerous moment in your life, you may be taken in by one who simulates truth with frightening ease — but this, and its accompanying dangers, will not last long.
You don't expect people to fall in love with you, so when it happens you are almost always taken completely by surprise — and most often, it happens with someone you have known a long time and whom you consider to be a good friend, and nothing more.

Famous people born today: Patricia Neal, actress; Joy Adamson, author; George Burns, comedian and actor; Federico Fellini, filmmaker; Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, astronaut; David Lynch, director; Bill Maher, TV host and satirist.

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