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The year of Beyonce
January 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Next month she will star at New Orleans' Superdome  the world's biggest music stage —watched by over 100 million TV viewers. A revealing TV documentary airs a few weeks later. Then there's a new album, an international tour and probably a Hollywood movie.She also stars as Queen Tara in the Hollywood fantasy movie Epic, to be released in May and is working on a autobiography which a major studio hopes to grab for the film rights.
'Beyonce believes 2013 will be her greatest year and she is really going for it,' says a friend. 'She's cramming everything possible into the next 12 months. Then she'll probably settle down with Jay and have some more babies!'In the meantime Jay-Z has put his own hectic life on hold to give his wife all the support she needs to maintain her almost inhuman schedule.' I love her ambition and energy,' he says.

'She's got fantastic drive and talent and she's on top of her game. I'm right behind everything she does, even though we probably won't see a lot of each other for a while. I'll just stay home and keep everything running...'Both Beyonce and Jay-Z are devoted parents and put Blue Ivy before everything but Beyonce makes no secret of the fact that her career — and particularly acting — is her number one priority at the moment. Since leaving the top girl group  Destiny's Child, in 2003, she has got rave reviews for the  musical blockbuster Dreamgirls, and even more plaudits for playing Foxxy Cleopatra in the third Austin Powers film, Goldmember.

She was also a hit in the romantic comedy The Fighting Temptations, in which  she played a dirt-poor mum struggling to bring up her child.
She will also star in the bio-pic of the great blues-singer Etta James — and is looking at other tempting movie offers, including  co-starring with Tom Cruise and Samuel L Jackson. 'I always thought that singing would be my only great love, but now that's changing,' she says. 'Now my movies are going so well — Who knows?'

Beyonce is also in huge demand at the moment as a fashion icon — she endorses Tommy Hilfiger, Armani  and L'Oreal, as well as her own fashion line, House of Dereon.'It's hard to find enough hours in the day to fit in everything I have to do,' Beyonce says. 'I'm really going for it this year and Jay is right behind me. I couldn't ask for a more supportive husband.'

Not surprisingly, the dramatic change in their little girl's lifestyle  came as something as a shock to her devoutly religious parents Matthew and Tina Knowles. 'We brought her up so carefully  but at one time she seemed to be going off the rails,' says Matthew, who still manages his daughter — and gave up his engineer's job and sold the family home in order to manage Beyonce full-time.'We wanted Beyonce to become an international star and now she is,' her mother, Tina, says.' At the beginning we were not too happy about this movie career after all the work everyone has put in to make her a pop star, but our daughter seems to know what she's doing.'
Matthew and Tina say they always knew their eldest daughter was going to be something special and made financial sacrifices to send her to Houston's exclusive High School for Performing and Visual Arts.Tina's tireless efforts to promote her daughter's talent were eventually rewarded when Whitney Houston heard a demo of Beyonce and two friends and with the support of her cousin Dionne Warwick and her then husband Bobby Brown, persuaded  Sony to give the unknowns a contract.'I'll always be grateful to them,' Beyonce says. 'It was a real act of kindness which I'll never forget.From the beginning, Beyonce was determined to do her own thing and sing her own material — she wrote most of her biggest hits including Jumpin' Jumpin', Bootylicious, Independent Woman and Happy Face.

'I still s

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