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Survey of property in sohar complete
January 19, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: In response to the repeated demands by the citizens of Ghadhfan, Al Ghuziel, Al Hadd, Wadi Al Qasab, Uqdat Al Mawanea, Mukhailif, Hellat Al Sheikh, Hellat Al Hisn and Harmoul areas in the wilayat of Liwa, over growing gas emissions near Sohar Industrial Port in the wilayat of Liwa, an agreement was signed in October 2012 for the transfer of property from the affected region.

Best solution
It was also decided that the shifting of the residential cluster was the best solution to the problem. Eng. Ahmed bin Said Al Wahaibi, Director at the Office of the Minister and Supervisor of the project for the transfer of properties in the affected region, said these projects serve the citizens and boost economic activities in the region. They connect the marine port to the hinterland.

The work of property survey has been completed, he said, adding, however, that many families are reluctant to disclose their family data, such as the number of family members and age groups etc. As per the agreement, the consultant has started the project work which includes construction of fully integrated residential complex with required facilities and services, spread over 800 hectares of land.

The net housing space of the project will be 50 per cent of the total size of the area (about 400 hectares). The remainder area will be allocated for public utilities and services, such as roads and parks. The project will have 4,000 plots, each measuring 1,000 square metres and  is expected to accommodate some 30,000 people. It will be provided with schools, mosques, health centres and public parks of world standards.

Government plot
As for the proposed site for the project, he added that the project will be on a government freehold plot. It is 20 km away from the wilayat of Sohar. The selected area meets the environmental standards and is in line with the requirements of the citizens.

The area will have the public road (Muscat/Shinas) on the east, Al Batinah Express Road and the proposed railway in the west, new Liwa layout in the south and the administrative borders of the wilayat of Liwa in the north.

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