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Nissan Oman launched its revamped website
January 20, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA) have announced the launch of their most anticipated and ambitious website for Nissan Oman.

The new website, www.nissanoman.com, is designed to be intuitive, simple and engaging user experience for people looking to purchase a Nissan vehicle or source any auto related information on the Nissan brand. 

Although it can be a very daunting process for consumers when trying to choose a car, Nissan Oman has developed new features for its revamped website to help potential car buyers make more informed decisions. The website is a means to communicate with Nissan's existing and potential customers and to provide them with easy access to all news, views and reviews on any of the Nissan models.  The new Nissan Oman website is customer friendly and has both Arabic and English web pages for access. The website is built with CORE (Customer Online Request Engine) platform. This new site facilitates to get complete product information about Nissan range of vehicles i.e. of passenger cars, crossovers, sport utility vehicles (SUV's) and light commercial vehicles (LCV's) to all valuable customers.

With so many different car models now available, it can be confusing and time consuming trying to compare and contrast them all. Nissan has created separate car profiles with dynamic images to offer as simple or as deep an understanding of the vehicle as customers require.

To ensure the website experience is simple and intuitive, the site delivers content that is relevant for individuals. For example, once a user has decided which Nissan model they are interested in, the homepage content will guide them to a relevant page with information pertaining to that particular model like overview, design specifications, technology, safety features, picture gallery, etc.

A senior SBA official commented, "Our main aim was to make the new website more engaging and user-friendly. We have developed a host of new features to help customers make decisions and choose a car that is absolutely right for them. Tailoring the website to the user allows a relevant and customer-focused digital experience."

The new site highlights interactive shopping tools like test drive options, brochure request option and quote request option. The shopping support tools are located at the home page for easy access for valued customers, who are planning to purchase the new cars or want to trade-in cars.

The existing Nissan vehicle owners can book their service appointment, browse through accessories or even locate the service centre by logging on to the website and sending a request online. The SBA team will be at their service with all the information based on customer request. "The Nissan Oman Arabic website is an added advantage, as we always aim to support technology as it makes a customer's online experience more convenient, efficient and effective. Our Arabic website will help to increase the number of online viewers and it will continue to complement the demand for Nissan cars in the future," said a senior SBA official.

He also said, "This new portal is also linked to Nissan Oman facebook page, which will serve as a platform to interact and share information with existing and potential customers."

The after sales information like Service centre, Spare Parts outlets and Body shop location and contact information are updated for all Nissan vehicle owners time and again on the website as well.

Another major highlight of the website is their new tab, 'Nissan Heritage'. It is Nissan's virtual (online) museum that contains hundreds of heritage vehicles stored at Zama Heritage Car Garage in Japan. The site showcases the preserves that represent vehicles from Nissan's longest history – innovative, epoch – making or victorious ones as our priceless assets and living archives.

Apart from this widespread network of showrooms, Suhail Bahwan Automobiles has 21 service and 35 parts centers. The Nissan warehouse in Oman i

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