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Telugu stars set to glitter in Oman
January 20, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Actor Trisha

Muscat: Four leading south Indian actresses will fly down to the Sultanate for a big-budget Telugu movie's 26-day-long shooting next week, a line producer said. "Actresses Trisha, Charmy, Isha Chawala, Nikisha Patel and actor Deepak will arrive on Thursday in Oman for shooting of  Rambha Urvasi Menaka, a Telugu movie. In all, 72 members will be here for the longest film shooting held so far in the Sultanate," Renny Johnson, executive manager at Mezoon Travels, told Times of Oman.

"The movie will be shot in Muscat city, Muttrah Corniche, Muttrah Souq, Qantab beach, Nizwa and Duqum in addition to the beautiful wadis, deserts and mountains," Renny added.
Being produced by Gemini Movies, one of the oldest and biggest production houses in south India, the movie is the story of three girls who come to meet their fourth friend for her marriage.

Oman's landscape
"It is a romcom movie. I feel that Oman's landscapes will add more beauty to my movie," M.S. Raju, producer and director of the movie, told Times of Oman over phone. Raju is the first Indian producer to receive Filmfare Awards South for three consecutive years.

"This is our eleventh Indian movie project. Slowly, we have put Oman on film tourism map. We have plans to bring in a big Hollywood and Bollywood projects. The Ministry of Tourism is helping us a lot. Recently, we were also the first to capture the beauty of the Royal Opera House for an Indian movie," Ibrahim Nalkhande, CEO of Mezoon Travels, said.

"Mezoon Travels, being one of the largest and oldest travel and tourism companies in the Sultanate, we are very keen in promoting the Sultanate's tourism globally.

Global entertainment
"It is not only about bringing in movie crew; we are also planning to bring some global entertainment and sport events to the Sultanate in the coming months. Already, the talks are in a final stage and the events will be announced soon," Renny added.

Venu, the Indian cinematographer who has worked in over 80 feature films, will be manning the camera for the movie. "I have heard a lot about Oman's scenic beauty. I am quite anxious to capture the land of surprises for my movie. Hope it will be a unique experience," Venu, the cinematographer who has won three Indian National Film Awards for Best Cinematography, said.

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