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No parking hassles for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan show
January 21, 2013 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Parking will not be an issue at the City Amphitheatre, Qurum during the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Main Jahan Rahoon concert, scheduled on January 25, 2013 at 7pm, brought for the first time to Muscat by NPA Events.Speaking to Times of Oman, Ashok Suvarna, executive director, NPA Oman assured that all issues relating to parking have been taken care off by his team. With less than four days for the much awaited show Ashok talks of the perfect planning that has gone into the show.

While people are keenly looking forward to hear Rahat Fateh Ali Khan perform in Muscat for the first time at the concert, they have major concerns about parking around the City Amphitheatre. How are you planning to overcome this issue?Anyone who has been to the City Amphitheatre during the last one year will know how things have changed around there. On account of the constant construction work that is going on, it really is a nightmare. We at NPA Events made it our primary challenge to tackle while planning for this concert, to ensure that our guests are not inconvenienced. We assure our guests that they need not worry in the least regarding parking. We have made the parking space bigger and better than ever before. With two additional parking bays located inside the Qurum gardens, beside the two already available one, we now offer our guests with parking space to accommodate enough and more vehicles.

To make it really simple for the visitors, we will display clear signage all around the perimeter of the amphitheatre and a fully responsive team of traffic wardens will be at hand to extend all possible help and assistance.What about exit from the venue after the show?We have four parking bays. Two in front of the amphitheatre (A and B) and two inside the Qurum gardens (C and D). For those in A and B the exit will be by the same way they enter, while for those in C and D the exit will be through the Qurum gardens passing through the Qurum Equestrian Club and joining the main road next to the Ice Skating Rink.

Parents with children below five years of age often have problems attending shows of this calibre. Do you have a play area allocated where parents can safely leave their little ones?Yes, we thought of that too. After our last event in the same venue, we had many parents who came to us and voiced their concerns about providing a play area for their small children, while they enjoy the show in peace. The only other option till now for the parents was to sacrifice the live performance because of the children. We solved the problem of the parents by providing an excellent children's play area manned by team of four trained nannies.

Complete with soft drinks, water and a portaloo, this play area is sure to be any parent's dream come true — at the venue. But we request all parents who wish to avail of this service to first call us on 93218272 and register.You have set new standards for organising shows in Muscat. Your shows are known for its high standard. With your systematic way of managing the entire show — whether it is seating, parking or the show itself — you have won high commendation from those who attend. How do you manage it each time?

Credit goes to my entire team, Thomas, Mahira, Rao, Steven and Fahad. It would have not been possible without them. My passion towards these events doubles when I work with my team. With every new event from NPA Events, everyone in the organisation works with renewed vigour and commitment. With every event we learn something new and put our learnings to practice with our next event. That is how we are always able to keep upping our standards consistently and unfailingly, time after time.  

Why did you choose Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as the performer?

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is a world renowned and highly acclaimed performer. Though his genre is essentially Sufi and qawwali, he has excelled himself in Bollywood music as well. He is a complete package who is today amongst the very top when it comes to ghazals, qawwali, Sufi and film n

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